Fury in Frostheim

2022-11-18 till 2022-11-20
Starttid: 17:00
Sluttid: 15:00

Royal Rosvik, Klubbvägen 2, 945 33  Rosvik


Frostheim & Frost hema proudly present a new kind of training camp!

An event to foster and enhance you as a fighter May it be heavy fighter or fencer. We aim to better ourselves in the art of violence and hopefully take new and exciting pieces home with us to better our training.

We will have Instructors from both orders Chivalry and Defence.
Fencers and fighters of all levels, with or without authorisation are welcome.
Please bring your own protective gear for your perferd type of fighting.
Other requierd qear: Shoes that are for inside use aka do not leave black marks on floor. Workout clothes for indoor use. Medievalish garb suitable for dualling for the feast…
In the evening we gather for a potluck-feast during which we put our combat skills in action (Master of Ceremonies, Jarl Peregrine, will organize challenges between the attendants) – this will be fun!!


Preliminary schedule:
Friday: 17.00 arrival , talking of mostly fighting and maby doing some fighting
Saturday: fighting related workshops, Feast with duals and such
Sunday: pick-up fighting galore, 15.00 the end


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