2020-11-06 till 2020-11-08
Starttid: 18:00
Sluttid: 10:00

Due to the newly released (2020-11-03) suggested restrictions for Norrbotten, the in-person part of the event is cancelled

However, it is still possible to register to attend the virtual event!  (Use the form at the very bottom of this page)

Norrskensfesten will take place On-Line this year. With court, bardic workshops and performances to take place over Zoom so that everyone can participate despite the pandemic.

This year’s Bardic Performance rounds will match the normal Norrskensbard format. However, this will be considered a practice set, and the current Norrskensbard will retain the cloak for another year, in hopes that he will actually get to attend events as bard before stepping down.

Even though it is not a formal competition, entrants will still register as such, and it will still follow the same pattern of four rounds as in a normal year:

1) Period piece (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that was actually composed during the SCA period)

2) Piece in a period style (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed yourself, in a style that was used during the SCA period)

3) Bard’s choice (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed on the theme chosen by the current Norrskensbard for this year’s performance. This year’s theme is mockery and satire*)

4) Three words out of a hat (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed on-site, in 15 minutes, using three words you pull out of a hat just before you begin)

*Mockery and Satire: It was common for bards and poets to make light of serious topics, poke fun at positions of power, and chastise personality flaws. To do this with finesse and without risk required skill with words as well as subject to not cause unwanted reactions. Any work submitted to the competition featuring a living person must have that person’s approval and consent regarding the content of the work and its submission to the contest.

Site address

Zoom. please register to get the link and password emailed to you.


No fees for attending the on-line  event


Form found at bottom of this page.

Event steward

Kareina Talventytär ([email protected])

 Visit the event website

Event Schedule

This is the first draft of the schedule for the fully on-line version of this event. It may yet change if any of the bardic performers need to request changes to the performance times.

Friday 6 November, 2020

17:00 The Day’s Zoom meeting opens  You may talk amongst yourselves till class starts, and again in-between class sessions.

17:30 (1 hr) Beginning storytelling by Nezhka Orshinaina in Atlantia

Are you interested in becoming a storyteller or refreshing your beginning storytelling techniques? Have you thought “I’d like to tell a story through an online platform but just don’t know if it would work?” ANYONE can be a storyteller. It just takes practice. But there are tips and techniques that can help you get started. This will have some interactive elements that folks are encouraged to participate in, but not required. So join me for a look at beginning storytelling and get started!

19:00 (1 hr) Musician Health in the SCA – Vocal and Instrumental Performance by Teuctli Tenochcacuicatl Delmar (Lord Tenoch) in Ansteorra

This introductory class addresses the various health and pedagogical concerns that may arise when performing in the SCA, both in vocal and instrumental settings. Topics covered will include personal health habits, environmental factors, ergonomics vs authenticity, and how to have conversations with your healthcare provider about any concerns you may have. DISCLAIMER: This class is intended to raise awareness of issues, not to be a replacement for medical counsel by a medical professional.

20:30 (1 hr) Understanding and Managing Stage Fright This workshop is cancelled due to a person emergency on the part of the teacher. If anyone else wishes to teach this course please let us know.

22:00 (1 hr) Rede me this: Riddles, Triads, Kennings, and Metaphors by Owen Alun in Northshield

Riddles have been popular for thousands of years, and particularly in period. Learn what makes a great riddle, how they are structured, how they relate to metaphor, and how riddles help people connect with each other.

23:30 (1 hr) Basic Beginner’s Better Bardcraft by Alizaundre de Brebeuf in the Middle Kingdom

This class is aimed at new or aspiring bards/storytellers/instrumentalists/performers, though experienced people can benefit. We’ll cover pacing, presentation, repertoire, enunciation, breath control, posture, and anything else that makes a performance easier, more understandable, or more fun for performer and audience. Be prepared to take notes!


Saturday 7 November, 2020

07:30 The day’s Zoom meeting opens

08:00 (1 hr) Technical Breathing for Singers and Heralds by the Honorable Lady Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

This class will focus on what your body is doing while you are singing/projecting, and how to properly use it. We will be going over some biology instruction, then we will identify the diaphragm within ourselves. After we know how to locate it, we will go over warm ups, why they work, and how they are applied during singing/projecting.  (Yes, this class is early–the thought was to have it before the bardic performances so that the performers could practice what they had learned, but given the time-zone difference between Frostheim an Ansteorra it couldn’t happen later in the day, as the teacher does need to sleep while it is night there…)

During the rest of the morning the time is unscheduled.  If the weather is nice you might want to go out for a walk, but hanging out in Zoom and working on crafts or just visiting with whomever else is present is certainly an option.

13:00 Bardic Round One: Period Piece

14:00 Bardic Round Two: Piece in a Period Style

15:00Bardic Round Three: Mockery/Satire Piece

16:00 Bardic Round four: Three Words Out of a Hat

17:00 Drachenwald Court 

After court and before the evening workshops you are welcome to enjoy your dinner and the Zoom connection is available for a “bardic circle” wherein everyone present take turns either performing something, choosing something they would like to hear someone else perform, or passing their turn on to the next person.

20:00 (2 hrs) Myth and Mythology in the SCA by Owen Alun in Northshield

A discussion of the types of mythology used in the SCA. The function of myth in our Society, the power and types of symbols used,their implications, and the relationship of SCA mythology to SCA rituals will be explored.

22:30 (1 hrs) Troubadours and Trouvères  by HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh, Kingdom of Trimaris

An introduction to the music of the Troubadours and Trouvères covering literature and resources for further research. Heavy emphasis on performance style and musical accompaniment.

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List of people registered for the event:

(as of 2020-11-05 14:00)


King Æríkur
Queen Jacquelyna

The Princiaplity of Nordmark

Princess Jovi Torstensdottir

The Shire of Frostheim

Lady Guinevere
Varakreivitär Kareina Talventytär
Lady Marianne DeGeer
Lord Kheldor
Lord Nocke
Sigris Ulfsdotter

The Shire of Reengarda

Herr Þórólfr Blót-Úlfsson
Lady Petronilla Karlsdotter
Lady Viriya

The Shire of Uma

Lord, Norrskensbard Wilhelm Marsson

The Shire of Gyllengran

Fru Hildur den Kölhalade
Seigneur Ezechiel Corbin

The Shire of Attemark

Fru Ylgha Urwäder
Robin Foole

The Shire of Holmrike

Fru Torunn Egilsdotter Ask

The Shire of Aros

Countess Agnes Odygd

Other parts of Drachenwald

The Barony of Aarnimetsä

Baron Gilbert Blakthorn

The Principality of Insulae Draconis

Lady Anneleyn Cornelisse
Baroness Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada y Cortes

Other Kingdoms


Lady Nezhka Orshinaia
Lord Ciaran mac Breandain


Teuctli (Lord) Tenochcacuicatl Delmar (Tenoch)


Master Owen Alun


HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh


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