Always Inspire

On 2021-01-07 I saw this FB post by Morales to which Agnés Boncuer commented:

“It’s my motto and there in my FB bio: “Always inspire, never tear down.” Encouragement will always have better results than telling someone they are shit. Lead by example, not by command. Make change happen by actively working towards it, rather than hanging back and complaining. Appreciate people and keep telling them you do.”

This inspired me to edit her words into a song, to the tune of Gaudete. Then I thought that it would be fun to turn it into an SCA music video, and then the first SCA Bardic War was declared, and we decided to enter the song there (it appeared with the other Group Performances on Monday), and I found out that there is bardic component for the Knäckebröd War, so now the amazing Annelyn, who edited the video, has posted it to her youtube channel here. So so that we could post the link to the event Discord channel, where we got 13 votes.

Here is a list of the participants, and which side of the Knäckabröd War we were representing:

Holey Side:
Countess Agnes Odygd, Aros/Nordmark
Lady Alays de Lunel, Dun in Mara/Insulae Draconis
Lady Annelyn Cornelisse, Insulae Draconis
Lord Aodhan Dha Cheist, Dun in Mara/Insulae Draconis
The Honorable Master Dahrien Cordell, Northshield
Lord Ducan Chaucer, Insulae Draconis
Lady Dorothea de Beckham, Barony of Red Spears
Varakreivitär Kareina Talventytär, Frostheim/Nordmark
Honorable Lord Kheldor deGeer, Frostheim/Nordmark
Master Thorvald Grimsson, Avacal

Flat Side
Agnés Boncuer, Insulae Draconis

HE Amanda de Spencer, Artemesia

And the song lyrics:

Always Inspire

Always inspire, never, ever tear down.
Encouragement brings the best out of us.

Telling someone they are shit only leads to trouble,
but share all the good you see; kindness will redouble.

Always inspire, never, ever tear down.
Encouragement brings the best out of us.

Leading by example, never by commanding,
brings about the best result; positively changing.

Always inspire, never, ever tear down.
Encouragement brings the best out of us.

Making change is best achieved with active engagement;
those who hang back and complain bring only estrangement.

Always inspire, never, ever tear down.
Encouragement brings the best out of us.

Cherish and appreciate people all around you
Bring them joy by telling them how they matter to you.

Always inspire, never, ever tear down.
Encouragement brings the best out of us.

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